Grow Your Profits While Growing Your Crops

          NUTRIPLANT® SL    

~~We have numerous case studies on a wide variety of crops that we will be happy to email to you. Please send us an email with the crops you are interested in.~~

NUTRIPLANT® SL is the liquid version of NUTRIPLANT® SD. It is designed to be applied to the seeds before planting. This micronutrient supplement gives seedlings what they need, once germinated, to get a head start on the growing season.

NUTRIPLANT® SL is intended as a supplement to a regular fertilizer program and will not by itself provide all the nutrients normally required by plants.

Also like NUTRIPLANT® SD, NUTRIPLANT® SL will get the crop up and out of the ground faster, with stronger stems. Crops will be better prepared to compete for nutrients, water, and sunlight – helping improve crop yield.

 *NUTRIPLANT® SL and NUTRIPLANT® SD are registered trademarks of Alticor, Inc. of Ada, MI